Clear Aligners

Imagine transforming your smile without having to deal with all the uncomfortable metal wires, brackets or multiple appointments for adjustments. That is exactly what Dr. Martinez can do. 

At Victorian Village Dental Care in Columbus, OH, our full suite of comprehensive dental services includes the use of clear plastic aligner trays to provide orthodontic care.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners shift and change the position of your teeth by applying a steady, constant amount of pressure to the teeth. Your teeth will naturally try to move into a better, more comfortable position to relieve the pressure. We can control the constant pressure and the movement of the teeth using the clear aligner trays.

A series of custom-made clear aligner trays guide your teeth into their new position. Each clear aligner is uniquely designed to apply just the right amount of pressure to the teeth to encourage them to change position.

To prevent pain and discomfort from the teeth changing position too quickly, each aligner tray is designed to make small changes. Once your teeth reach their new position, the aligner tray is switched out for a new one, and the process continues until you have that perfect smile.     

While there are a number of clear aligner brands out there, Victorian Village Dental Care uses the Invisalign system because it is the most recognized and trusted brand in clear aligner orthodontic treatment. 

Simple Orthodontic Care

Clear aligners like Invisalign are a popular orthodontic treatment because it is extremely low maintenance. All you have to do is follow the planned treatment schedule, schedule regular appointments with Dr. Martinez and practice good oral hygiene. In just a few months, you will have a perfect smile.

Benefits of Clear Aligners 

Clear aligners like Invisalign are such a popular choice for patients who want to change their smiles::

  • You can continue to enjoy eating many of the foods and drinks while you undergo orthodontic treatment because the aligner trays are removed before each meal.
  • The aligner trays are made out of a clear plastic, making them practically invisible.
  • Clear aligners reduce your risk of experiencing painful oral abrasions and tooth discoloration, which are common problems with traditional braces.
  • Dr. Martinez will often only need to see you every six to eight weeks to monitor the progression of your treatment. With traditional braces, you often need to schedule appointments every three to four weeks.
  • Treatment times vary depending upon what changes need to be made, but most patients using clear aligner trays for orthodontic treatment can reach their smile goals in six to twelve months

Victorian Village Dental Care is committed to helping patients transform their smiles. Contact us at 614-298-1543 to request an orthodontic consultation.

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Whether you need help maintaining your oral health or want to undergo a complete smile transformation, patients in the Columbus, OH area know they can trust Dr. Martinez and the team at Victorian Village Dental Care to provide high-quality, exceptional dental care at each and every visit.

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The staff at Victorian Village Dental Care is just fantastic. I rarely have to wait, they are always polite and when I'm feeling anxious they are very informative and calming.

Jen J

I could not be more pleased about my dental care provided by Victorian Village Dental Care. Dr Martinez and his entire staff are so wlecoming and friendly.

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Nice staff, good and thorough. I was worried it might be a bit of a nightmare since it had been so long since I visited the dentist, but they were considerate and gentle. I’m a fan.

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