Dental Technology

At Victorian Village Dental Care, we strive to offer our patients high-quality dental care at affordable prices. Equipping our dental office with the latest state-of-the-art dental technology allows us to provide exceptional dental care to the Columbus community. 

What Dental Technology Do We Use?

Dental technology is always changing. We utilize the latest, most up-to-date dental technology at our dental office.

Some examples of the advanced dental technology used by our dental team include:

  • Digital X-rays
  • Intraoral cameras
  • Digital Impressions with the iTero scanner.

How Do We Use Dental Technology?

We use our advanced dental technology for almost all preventative, restorative, cosmetic and orthodontic treatments and procedures, for example:

  • Creating customized treatment plans for all dental services
  • Taking measurements and images that are used to create dental restorations such as bridges, crowns and implants
  • Monitoring your oral health to determine if a certain dental problem, such as gum disease, is progressing
  • Developing a better understanding of your current oral health
  • Assessing whether a treatment or procedure is successful
  • Diagnosing dental problems below the gum line or between teeth that can’t be seen with the naked eye
  • Using computer software programs to show patients what types of changes and enhancements they could see with certain treatments and procedures
  • Sharing digital images and impressions with other providers or specialists

How Does Dental Technology Benefit Me?

The patient experience becomes much more enjoyable through state-of-the-art technology. Our ability to quickly take X-rays, impressions, and other imaging reduces appointment times. Not only does this make it easier for us to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules, but it means our patients spend less time in the dental chair and more time doing things they enjoy.

The latest dental technology also eliminates many things that make dental appointments uncomfortable. For example, patients no longer have to sit for prolonged periods as we take X-rays. They also no longer have to go through the messy process of using putty and bulky trays to create a physical impression.

We invite you to visit our dental office in Columbus, Ohio to see how we use advanced dental technology to provide high-quality dental care. Call us at 614-298-1543 to request a consultation to discuss our cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontic services.

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Whether you need help maintaining your oral health or want to undergo a complete smile transformation, patients in the Columbus, OH area know they can trust Dr. Martinez and the team at Victorian Village Dental Care to provide high-quality, exceptional dental care at each and every visit.

What Our Patients Say

See what our patients have to say about their time spent at our office.

The staff at Victorian Village Dental Care is just fantastic. I rarely have to wait, they are always polite and when I'm feeling anxious they are very informative and calming.

Jen J

I could not be more pleased about my dental care provided by Victorian Village Dental Care. Dr Martinez and his entire staff are so wlecoming and friendly.

Sarah R

Nice staff, good and thorough. I was worried it might be a bit of a nightmare since it had been so long since I visited the dentist, but they were considerate and gentle. I’m a fan.

Tim S

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