Everyone has different goals they hope to achieve with their dental care. Some people want to perfect their smile, while others want to improve their oral health.

Preventative Dental Care

Helps Our Patients Maintain Their Oral Health.

We offer a comprehensive selection of preventative dental services that optimize oral health. With our preventative dental services, our patients can reduce their risk for certain dental problems, such as gum disease and tooth decay, by keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

Some of the preventative dental services offered at Victorian Village Dental Care include:

Dental hygiene exams

Fluoride treatments

Dental sealants

Oral cancer screenings

Our Restorative Dental Services

Treat Current Dental Problems

When dental problems occur, they must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid them progressing in severity. Victorian Village Dental Care offers a wide variety of restorative dental services that can treat anything from cavities, abscesses and tooth decay to missing or severely damaged teeth.

Some of the restorative dental services offered at our Columbus dental office include:

Dental fillings

Dental crowns

Dental bridges

Full mouth reconstruction

Cosmetic Dental Services

Experience a Smile Transformation With Our Cosmetic Dental Services

We love working with patients to create treatment plans to help them transform their smiles. Whether you just want to whiten and brighten your smile or there are minor imperfections, such as small gaps or chips, our cosmetic dental services can help.

Some examples of the cosmetic dental treatments and procedures we use to help our patients achieve their perfect smile include:

Teeth whitening

Dental implants

Dental bonding

Dental veneers

Other Dental Services

Offered by Victorian Village Dental Care

To meet the needs of our community, we offer a number of additional dental services. In addition to our preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services, we offer the following dental care:

Oral surgery

Orthodontic care

Emergency dental care

Dental Technology

Victorian Village Dental Care is here to help you

Victorian Village Dental Care is here to help you reach your smile goals, no matter what they might be. Schedule an appointment to learn more about our comprehensive dental services and see what we can do to help you in your quest to optimize your oral health and perfect your smile. At Victorian Village Dental Care, our comprehensive approach to dental care allows us to provide our patients with the assistance, support and treatment they need to achieve their goals.

Learn more about the services we offer at our dental office in Columbus, Ohio.

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Whether you need help maintaining your oral health or want to undergo a complete smile transformation, patients in the Columbus, OH area know they can trust Dr. Martinez and the team at Victorian Village Dental Care to provide high-quality, exceptional dental care at each and every visit.

What Our Patients Say

See what our patients have to say about their time spent at our office.

The staff at Victorian Village Dental Care is just fantastic. I rarely have to wait, they are always polite and when I'm feeling anxious they are very informative and calming.

Jen J

I could not be more pleased about my dental care provided by Victorian Village Dental Care. Dr Martinez and his entire staff are so wlecoming and friendly.

Sarah R

Nice staff, good and thorough. I was worried it might be a bit of a nightmare since it had been so long since I visited the dentist, but they were considerate and gentle. I’m a fan.

Tim S

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